The Coldest Girl in Coldtown is the second book I’ve read from Holly Black. It is another stand alone book, so if you don’t want a series this is a good one.

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I thought I would share with you some of the lessons I’ve learned since starting my channel. You might hear this from others and it’s because it works. Understanding HOW had been elusive for me until recently. I don’t want you guys to have the same frustrations that I did trying to figure it out. This is not a competition and I am more than happy to go over what had been working and what didn’t so you don’t make t...

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This is an adorable series! I first fell in love with Annette Blair’s writing with her Accidental Witch series. It took me 10+ years before I found out that she had written this series.

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Reviews / August 1, 2017

THEY’RE MAKING A MOVIE!!!!!!! San Diego Comic Con dropped the trailer and it looks AMAZING!!! This is everything my little nerd heart wanted: Video Games- √ Pop Culture References- √ Movies- √ 80’s Nostalgia- √ What nerd doesn’t want to live in a Virtual Reality world? The main plot of this story is that the creator of the VR world dies and leaves behind a scavenger hunt to win his fortune. In this dystopian world w...

The Skeleton Key (Sigma Force, #6.5) By James Rollins
Reviews / July 28, 2017

I did not know going into this that it was a short story. When you are reading ebooks from the library website you can never tell. This book focuses on the unofficial member of Sigma, Seichan, and her adventures in information gathering. This time it leads her on a quick chase through the catacombs of Paris after a cult. A very quick read. I wish it was a bit longer so I could get to know her a bit more than the small glimpses I get ...

Ingenue (Flappers #2) By Jillian Larkin
Reviews / July 27, 2017

** spoiler alert ** Flappers move to New York. This one is not as much fun as the first book. Life struggles really compete with petty vengeance. There is some character growth, but not enough to make the struggle interesting to read. It feels like this book was more focused on getting the girls back into the flapper world, almost forcefully at times. Gloria deals with the racial struggles of being in a mixed relationship at the time...

July Hardcover Haul
Hauls / July 27, 2017

Since Half Price Books was having a sale, I thought I would share with you what I was able to grab! All of them except for one are Hardcovers. I was even able to get complete series for some of them! I am over the moon excited about the Lunar Chronicles Box Set I was able to find!! Which books do you want to see full reviews on? The link to Aeronaut’s Windlass video can be found here: The link for t...

Vixen (Flappers #1) By Jillian Larkin
Reviews / July 22, 2017

FLAPPERS!!!! If you enjoy the Prohibition Era rebellion, this book is for you. A fun thing about this book is that it is told from a different person’s POV. You can see their thought processes and growth throughout the story line. Based in Chicago you get to follow the different lives of 3 socialites. Some of the plot is predictable, but there were points that even surprised me. I would say it is a fun addition to your home lib...

Harry Potter Questions
Tag Videos / July 20, 2017

The Lair joins Digital & Vellum in today’s show. We found some questions from one of our favorite series and thought it would be fun to go over them as a group. Would you have answered them differently?

Heartless By Marissa Meyer
Reviews / July 15, 2017

I love Alice in Wonderland. I love Origin Stories. What I don’t enjoy is the love trope that one character is wishy washy with their affections. I enjoy a good romance, but this I love you yet I’m going to brush you off and look down my nose at you so you are unsure of my feelings. It was fun to see connections to all the original story and where they came from. Even the unexpected connection. They were like little desser...

Norse Mythology By Neil Gaiman
Reviews / July 12, 2017

This was not what I was expecting. I had made the assumption since Neil Gaiman is a well known fiction writer that this would be a new fiction story based off the Norse Pantheon. I was sadly mistaken. This is a collection of the famous Norse stories basically just re-written in Gaiman’s writing style. Now I will say that this did make reading these stories very easy and enjoyable. He took all the research he did into that cultu...

My Lady Jane By Cynthia Hand
Reviews / June 21, 2017

Historical Romance- with a twist. This book is light hearted and full of comedy. Cynthia Hand writes like The Princess Bride with the narrator interrupting the story and all. This is the story of Jane Grey, a woman who was the Queen of England for less than a full week. The country is being torn apart, not by religion, but by shape shifters. It’s interesting to see how they portray bias and make it an inoffensive thing to the r...