Reading Slump
Uncategorized / March 24, 2017

Even the most avid reader can fall into a reading slump every once in a while. The question becomes how do you get out of one once you are there. This also becomes a morale dilemma when you pride yourself on reading more than most; where you feel a responsibility to others to sometimes be the reader on their behalf. What do you do?

Headless Book Cover Trends
Uncategorized / January 27, 2017

Every wonder why some book hide the models face? Do you have a lot of headless books on your bookshelf? We do!! Some special guest go over why that is and some examples for your enjoyment~

Nerd Xmas List
Uncategorized / December 15, 2016

Are you still wondering what to get the geeks in your life? Kevin and I got together to go over a few ideas to help with your last minute shopping. Also check out Kevin’s podcast at

Gift Ideas 1
Uncategorized / April 20, 2016

These are just some things that I got and fell in love with and wanted to share. Please support small business!