Disney After Dark By Ridley Pearson
Reviews / August 24, 2017

Do you ever wonder what happens in the Magic Kingdom when the park officially closes to guests? This is a fun book based on that idea. It is a quick midgrade read. On the same levels as Percy Jackson for adventure and fun! Run around the parks with the kids and try to solve the mystery behind the scenes of Walt Disney World. This is a must own book 🙂

A Veiled Deception By Annette Blair
Featured , Reviews / August 15, 2017

This is an adorable series! I first fell in love with Annette Blair’s writing with her Accidental Witch series. It took me 10+ years before I found out that she had written this series.

The Titan’s Curse (Percy Jackson and the Olympians #3) By Rick Riordan
Reviews / August 13, 2017

Percy is at it again. Not listening to the people in charge. Fighting with Gods. Making snap decisions that could endanger the entire world…. all in the attempt to save it from the more recent cataclysm. The evil guys are gathering and the General has stolen Annabeth and Artemis. With the help of some of Artemis’ Hunters, will they be able to save them before Kronos is put back together? Another fun and quick read by Riordan. I am loving this series more with every book. You can see his writing become more comfortable. I love watching the evolution of a writer. This is a YA book I am happy to have in my personal library.

Fairest of All: A Tale of the Wicked Queen By Serena Valentino
Reviews / August 9, 2017

This was a quick and heartbreaking read. Taking the story from Disney, this version follows the Queen and her decent into grief and horrible depression. It got all too real at times seeing how someone can so easily be manipulated into doing things that are contrary to their personality thinking it might make them feel better. Now, don’t get me wrong, there is still magic and spells at play. The difference is the instigators that start this chain of events. You really feel for the Queen and for Snow, but it was almost too hard to keep going knowing where this story was leading. I picked up this book for a lighthearted fantasy book and this was not it. It was ok. The writing was well done. My heart was just not into this type of story and probably skewed my interpretation. I would say borrow this from the library if you want something that is a bit more realistic than the original Disney story.

Scarlet (The Lunar Chronicles, #2) By Marissa Meyer
Reviews / August 7, 2017

It had been over a year since I originally read Cinder, so it too a little time to get back into the story, remember all the small details, etc. This book is divided up into 2. We still follow Cinder’s story now that she has been captured and uncovered to be the Lunar Princess. We are also introduced to Scarlet, a farmer who’s grandmother was kidnapped and no one has any more information about it than that. Meyer flip flops back and forth between story lines ever few chapters so we get the sense that they are happening in the same timeline. Because of that, it feels a bit like you are missing out on part of their stories. The connection that you built with Cinder in book 1 is full and vibrant. In this book Scarlet almost feels like an afterthought, even though the book is titled after her. I still really enjoyed the book, but you could tell it was a middle book and you need to keep reading the series to get your sense of completion. I would say this is an own, but paperback would be fine. :

Reviews / August 1, 2017

THEY’RE MAKING A MOVIE!!!!!!! San Diego Comic Con dropped the trailer and it looks AMAZING!!! This is everything my little nerd heart wanted: Video Games- √ Pop Culture References- √ Movies- √ 80’s Nostalgia- √ What nerd doesn’t want to live in a Virtual Reality world? The main plot of this story is that the creator of the VR world dies and leaves behind a scavenger hunt to win his fortune. In this dystopian world where daily life is a struggle, this is the opportunity of a lifetime! All you need to do is solve the clues and the first person to the end wins. Unfortunately big corporations get in on the game and it turns into David vs. Goliath competition. Who can be faster, who can be smarter, who has better resources? This book was engaging from page 1. I loved the world Cline created. The characters were relatable and felt like I could find them in my local geek community. This made me want to pick up the nearest game and start playing. Definitley Must Own Hardcover… or if I can get my hands on it 1st Edition!

The Skeleton Key (Sigma Force, #6.5) By James Rollins
Reviews / July 28, 2017

I did not know going into this that it was a short story. When you are reading ebooks from the library website you can never tell. This book focuses on the unofficial member of Sigma, Seichan, and her adventures in information gathering. This time it leads her on a quick chase through the catacombs of Paris after a cult. A very quick read. I wish it was a bit longer so I could get to know her a bit more than the small glimpses I get through other books. I would say borrow this from the library. Not something that you NEED to own.

Ingenue (Flappers #2) By Jillian Larkin
Reviews / July 27, 2017

** spoiler alert ** Flappers move to New York. This one is not as much fun as the first book. Life struggles really compete with petty vengeance. There is some character growth, but not enough to make the struggle interesting to read. It feels like this book was more focused on getting the girls back into the flapper world, almost forcefully at times. Gloria deals with the racial struggles of being in a mixed relationship at the time it was still illegal most places. Jerome again gives up too easily on their relationship and everything turns into an uncomfortable mess. Lorraine is delusional about her situation and intentionally makes trouble for Gloria and Jerome as a way to get revenge. She does not realize how deep she is getting with the mob and how that is going to affect her future. She acts like she will just be able to walk away whenever. Clara decides to ruin a perfectly good relationship with someone who likes her for herself by “under cover” going back into the world of flappers. Marcus would have even backed up her decisions, if not for the fact that she is caught constantly lying to him. Don’t…

Vixen (Flappers #1) By Jillian Larkin
Reviews / July 22, 2017

FLAPPERS!!!! If you enjoy the Prohibition Era rebellion, this book is for you. A fun thing about this book is that it is told from a different person’s POV. You can see their thought processes and growth throughout the story line. Based in Chicago you get to follow the different lives of 3 socialites. Some of the plot is predictable, but there were points that even surprised me. I would say it is a fun addition to your home library.