Scarlet (The Lunar Chronicles, #2) By Marissa Meyer
Reviews / August 7, 2017

It had been over a year since I originally read Cinder, so it too a little time to get back into the story, remember all the small details, etc. This book is divided up into 2. We still follow Cinder’s story now that she has been captured and uncovered to be the Lunar Princess. We are also introduced to Scarlet, a farmer who’s grandmother was kidnapped and no one has any more information about it than that. Meyer flip flops back and forth between story lines ever few chapters so we get the sense that they are happening in the same timeline. Because of that, it feels a bit like you are missing out on part of their stories. The connection that you built with Cinder in book 1 is full and vibrant. In this book Scarlet almost feels like an afterthought, even though the book is titled after her. I still really enjoyed the book, but you could tell it was a middle book and you need to keep reading the series to get your sense of completion. I would say this is an own, but paperback would be fine. :