Reviews / August 1, 2017

THEY’RE MAKING A MOVIE!!!!!!! San Diego Comic Con dropped the trailer and it looks AMAZING!!! This is everything my little nerd heart wanted: Video Games- √ Pop Culture References- √ Movies- √ 80’s Nostalgia- √ What nerd doesn’t want to live in a Virtual Reality world? The main plot of this story is that the creator of the VR world dies and leaves behind a scavenger hunt to win his fortune. In this dystopian world where daily life is a struggle, this is the opportunity of a lifetime! All you need to do is solve the clues and the first person to the end wins. Unfortunately big corporations get in on the game and it turns into David vs. Goliath competition. Who can be faster, who can be smarter, who has better resources? This book was engaging from page 1. I loved the world Cline created. The characters were relatable and felt like I could find them in my local geek community. This made me want to pick up the nearest game and start playing. Definitley Must Own Hardcover… or if I can get my hands on it 1st Edition!