Ingenue (Flappers #2) By Jillian Larkin

July 27, 2017

** spoiler alert ** Flappers move to New York.
This one is not as much fun as the first book. Life struggles really compete with petty vengeance.
There is some character growth, but not enough to make the struggle interesting to read.

It feels like this book was more focused on getting the girls back into the flapper world, almost forcefully at times.

Gloria deals with the racial struggles of being in a mixed relationship at the time it was still illegal most places. Jerome again gives up too easily on their relationship and everything turns into an uncomfortable mess.
Lorraine is delusional about her situation and intentionally makes trouble for Gloria and Jerome as a way to get revenge. She does not realize how deep she is getting with the mob and how that is going to affect her future. She acts like she will just be able to walk away whenever.
Clara decides to ruin a perfectly good relationship with someone who likes her for herself by “under cover” going back into the world of flappers. Marcus would have even backed up her decisions, if not for the fact that she is caught constantly lying to him.

Don’t get me wrong. I liked the book. That being said I don’t think I will be buying this one.

Hopefully book 3 gets better and wraps it all up in the end.

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