90 Second Review: A Child Called “It”
Reviews / March 28, 2017

Today it is Shannon’s turn to see how well she can do a book review in under 90 seconds! Review is about A Child Called “It” by Dave Pelzer. This book is known to be quite a rough read emotionally. Do you agree?

Reading Slump
Uncategorized / March 24, 2017

Even the most avid reader can fall into a reading slump every once in a while. The question becomes how do you get out of one once you are there. This also becomes a morale dilemma when you pride yourself on reading more than most; where you feel a responsibility to others to sometimes be the reader on their behalf. What do you do?

Rapid Fire Tag
Tag Videos / March 4, 2017

Rapid Fire Tag. Can I make it through the list without long explanations? That is the question.