Headless Book Cover Trends
Uncategorized / January 27, 2017

Every wonder why some book hide the models face? Do you have a lot of headless books on your bookshelf? We do!! Some special guest go over why that is and some examples for your enjoyment~

December What The Heck Did I Read???
Wrap Ups / January 20, 2017

Yay!! A New Video!!! After fighting the plague for weeks I was finally able to film the long awaited December What The Heck Did I Read video. You know you have been dying to see what is on my list. Let me know if you want any specific reviews and I’ll try and get to them. Until next week~

Review: A Shiver of Light by Laurell K. Hamilton
Reviews / January 17, 2017

I have a guilty pleasure and it is Meredith Gentry books. This series was one of the first adult series that I read and really sucked me in, so when I found out there was a 9th book in this series that I loved OF COURSE I had to grab it and read it! This story brings back all my favorite characters and all their unique personalities that I originally feel in love with. It was also nice that the book was easy to get back into and I didn’t feel like I needed to read the whole series again just to remember what happened. However, the story of this book was so overly detailed at specific times that it feels like it only happened in a couple days and there should have been a lot more added. I loved how you get to know the kids a bit and their potential. There was just not enough interaction between courts, situations, or events to make it feel much more than an extended journal entry. The ending was only satisfactory, leaving a lot of loose ends in my mind and feeling almost empty. If she does another book, I hope that…