Coffee Book Tag
Tag Videos / June 24, 2016

What goes better together than Coffee and Book? Absolutely NOTHING! Shannon joins me for a quick Tag video about which coffees remind us of our favorite books. Do you agree? Would you have made different choices? Let us know!

Battle of the Media: Princess Bride
Battle of the Media / June 17, 2016

Battle of the Media!!! First battle Princess Bride Which is better the Book or the Movie? Today I got the awesome chance to do a collaboration video with Tony from the channel ArcCrow. It was super fun hanging out with him and getting him pumped!! Check out his channel here and support his hero series:… Take a look at our video about Westley as a hero here: There are 5 categories: 1. What was omitted from the movie? 2. What was changed in the movie? 3. What was included that shocked you? 4. Character comparison 5. Overall comparison

$0.20 Book Haul!!
Hauls / June 11, 2016

NEVER TRUST ME GOING INTO A GOODWILL!! I was taking a break from redoing my library and decided to stop by and see what caught my eye. They were having a 20 cent sale!!!?!?!? How could I pass it up? I thought I actually did a pretty good job holding myself back and only picking up a few books. Let me know what books you’ve read and what you thought of them? Which books would you like a full review of?

May What The Heck Did Read???
Wrap Ups / June 4, 2016

For May I read 8 Books! Only one digital and the rest were good ol’ fashioned paper! Which books have your read? What did you think of them? If you want any individual reviews, let me know! (I really need to remember my eyebrows when filming, lol.)