Review: Inferno by Dan Brown
Reviews / March 26, 2016

What!?!?! A non Sci-fi Fantasy book!! Why yes! This is exactly what I expected from Dan Brown. It is action packed and extremely entertaining. I love how he brings classical art and literature into his books. The art geek in me squeed over the little details and how you could tell he actually researched the pieces. Since he is a formulaic writer you already know that good ol’ boy Robert Langdon is going to be pulled into an international crisis. There were some plot twists and revelations that did surprise me. Normally I can see things coming, so this was a delight. I am happy to add this to my collection.

Review: Shattered by Kevin Hearne
Reviews / March 24, 2016

Atticus is at it again. This being the 7th book in the series, there has been a lot of set up leading to this. Granuaile is a fully developed Druid. Owen is trying to figure out what he has missed over the last thousand years. Atticus is trying to deal with the fae courts. Havoc ensues, snarky comments are made, feet are firmly in mouth, and the whole gang end up with a fight that no one was expecting. This time the book takes a look at 3 different perspectives of the situation which is new to the series. They also have different scenarios going on and separate battles to fight. It is almost like 3 different books all under the same cover. I have been so used to reading from Atticus’ perspective that it took a bit of getting used to to flip to other characters. It is everything I expected in a Hearne book. Read it and you will love it!

Review: Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton
Reviews / March 18, 2016

Where the Cowboys meet Arabian Nights. Amani is a girl stuck in a small town in the middle east. Because of her gender, she is forced into a very small window of options for her future. This does not sit well with her. To escape the path carved out before her, she lays out detailed plans about running away. Unfortunately this does not go according to plan. Along the way she meets Jin and they become companions while traveling. Overall it was a fun book. I would get into the Arabian feel of the characters or the surroundings, then something would jolt me back to a more modern world. Gun fire. A bomb going off. Trains. It was an interesting mixture that has me looking forward to the next book.

Review: Cinder by Marissa Meyer
Reviews / March 13, 2016

Cyborg Cinderella? Yes Please!!   This greaser girl is definitely one I identify with. When the one sister that she actually gets along with and supports her all of a sudden comes down with a deadly plague, would you do what Cinder does? It leave on a cliff hanger for the next book that I can’t wait to get into!

March Book Haul
Hauls / March 13, 2016

Ever curious what book catch someone else eye? Well, here they are!!   This is quite a stack. Hope you enjoy.

Review: City in Embers by Stacey Marie Brown
Reviews / March 11, 2016

Everything changed with the BOOM! Zoey is a foster kid making it on her own. She has a job she loves, is going to school, has a sister she adores, and a guy that has stolen her heart. Working as a fae collector she gets the action she craves as well as fulfillment for helping her fellow humans cure disease and become better on the whole. While tracking a group of fae she meets the Viking-esque colossal known as Ryker. That is when the world shifts and everything she thought she knew changes. This is a quick book. A lot of running and hiding. Snarky comments and fighting for what you feel is right. City in Embers leaves you on a number cliff hangers eager to find out more! I am looking forward to book 2!

Review: The Lightening Thief by Rick Riordan
Reviews / March 9, 2016

This is the first book that I have read by Rick Riordan. Rick is a very prolific mid-grade to young adult writer and I have enjoyed every new series I pick up from him.   Since Greek mythology is my first love when it comes to ancient mythos it makes sense that I started with this book. I did happen to see the movie before I knew the book existed, so it slightly ruined some of the surprise parts. This was a quick Mid-grade read. The story is based on 6th grader Percy and his adventures in discovering that he is part human and part greek god. When school doesn’t work for him, Percy goes to Half-Blood camp where he meets other kids like him and trains to become a hero. Fast paced and fun to read. They add a modern twist to the old pantheon. AKA Ares wears leathers and rides a motorcycle. Disney came out with a movie that actually stays true to the story line. Overall an entertaining read.